Hydrofracturing and Abandoned Well Grouting in Bristol, Maine

Reilly Well Drilling Inc Digs Deep Wells and Seals Decommissioned Ones

For hydrofracturing and abandoned well grouting in Bristol, Maine, contact Reilly Well Drilling Inc. Our two-man crew uses hydrofracturing to increase well yields in new water well drilling in those with insufficient production rates. For decommissioned or unusable water wells, we seal them up with abandoned well grouting. If either service meets your project needs, contact Reilly Well Drilling Inc at (207) 563-3930 or online for more information.

How Hydrofracking and Abandoned Well Grouting Work in Well Drilling

Hydrofracking, otherwise known as hydrofracturing, is a process used in well drilling and development. It involves injecting water under high pressure into bedrock via the well itself. Besides its use in water well drilling, hydrofracking benefits recovery rates in older wells with increasingly compromised recovery rates.

On the flip side, abandoned well grouting is the complete sealing of a well of borehole. We usually do this with a fluid mixture of cement and water, bentonite and water, or both. Whatever mixture we use in abandoned well grouting, it has to have a solid consistency.

Common reasons to utilize abandoned well grouting, include:

  • A decommissioned or unusable well is a safety hazard
  • The well has contaminated groundwater
  • There is a decline in the aquifer pressure head

Get Submersible Pumps, and Install Water Wells from Us

Besides offering abandoned well grouting, we use hydrofracturing and air rotary drilling for new wells and do well repairs. Our services also include video inspections, plus fix or replace submersible pumps in Bristol, Maine. At Reilly Well Drilling Inc we offer these and other services to residential and commercial properties throughout:

Contact Reilly Well Drilling Inc for hydrofracturing and abandoned well grouting in Bristol, Maine.