Well Inspections and Disinfections in Bristol, Maine

Trust Reilly Well Drilling Inc to Evaluate and Decontaminate Your Well

Reilly Well Drilling Inc’s services include well inspections and disinfections in Bristol, Maine, and the surrounding areas. A certified well systems professional should inspect water wells on-site and disinfect as needed. Inspections help ensure the well is operating properly. They also protect your health by uncovering issues that might impact water quality problems. If you need to schedule your well’s inspection, or have concerns about water contamination, we can help. Call Reilly Well Drilling Inc at (207) 563-3930 or contact us online for more information or a consultation.

Well Inspections and Well Disinfections Keep Water Safe to Drink

Using a water well provides high-quality drinking H 2 O, and allows property owners to control the supply. Whether for a home or commercial property, Reilly Well Drilling Inc. can perform all kinds of water well related services. Among those services our two-man crew performs include well inspections while on-site and well disinfections.

Well Inspections

The Centers for Disease Control recommends routine water well inspections. According to cdc.gov, on-site water well inspections should check “for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of … contaminants.” Such contaminants might include coliform bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and radon.

Well Disinfections

Property and homeowners need to schedule well disinfections for several reasons. First of all, a newly constructed well should be bacteria-free before consuming or using the water. Secondly, whenever anyone opens a water well system, bacteria are invited inside the well; therefore always include disinfection after servicing. Finally, visible defects in the well system also invite bacteria into the well. Such defects include a:

  • Cracked well cap
  • Loose well cap
  • Damaged above-ground vertical pipe (i.e., damaged well casing.)

Our Services Include Hydrofracking in and Around Bristol, Maine

At Reilly Well Drilling Inc, we do more than well inspections and well disinfections in Bristol, Maine. Our services include water well drilling and repairs, air rotary drilling for wells, and installing submersible pumps. We also do video inspections, plus hydrofracturing, AKA hydrofracking, and we seal decommissioned water systems via abandoned well grouting. For over 50 years, we have provided residential and commercial services throughout:

Reilly Well Drilling Inc services include well inspections and disinfections in Bristol, Maine, and beyond.